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Are you still making Ashkeepers?

Yes! Follow me on Instagram @ashleyfiona_com and sign up to my newsletter list (located at the footer of this page) to watch when I will have Ashkeepers available in my Etsy shop.

Where are you located?

Ashley Fiona Ashkeepers & Ceramics studio is located in Port Stephens, NSW, Australia.
Approximately 3 hours north of Sydney.

Do you have a physical store?

No. I have an online shop via Etsy.

I need an Ashkeeper urgently. Do you have any available for immediate collection/shipping?

I release small batches of Ashkeepers every so often on my Etsy shop. What you see in my shop is what I have available.

Creating Ashkeepers from clay and transforming these into ceramic vessels is a slow and time-consuming process. This is the nature of working with clay; it is not a process that can be rushed as each piece is made with patience, precision and love.

What size Ashkeepers do you create?

The Ashkeepers I create are available in the following (approximate) sizes:
Small Ashkeeper:  1L capacity (61 cubic inches); can hold a max of 27kg
Medium Ashkeeper: 2.7L capacity (164 cubic inches); can hold a max of 74kg
Large Ashkeeper: 4.7L capacity (286 cubic inches); can hold a max of 129kg
X-Large Ashkeeper: 8.7L capacity (530 cubic inches); can hold a max of 240kg

How do I calculate what size Ashkeeper I need?

In order to hold all your beloved’s ashes in one Ashkeeper, you'll need to know their approximate body weight. If you are not comfortable with this, some funeral homes/pet crematoriums in your area should be more than accommodating to help you out here. The crematorium that provided the service should be able to give you a size/capacity from their records.

One pound of body weight will yield just less than 1 cubic inch of ash.
Assume that: 1 pound body weight = 1 cubic inch ash.
Approximate Weight = Approximate Cubic Inch Size.

It is always best to go bigger than you think you need, especially if you intend on having other items in the Ashkeeper with your beloved's ashes. If you are close to the maximum volume of the Ashkeeper, I recommend ordering a larger size Ashkeeper if you want to ensure that all the ashes fit.

I don’t want to fill the Ashkeeper, can someone do this for me?

I can ship directly to the crematorium or funeral home and they often will fill the Ashkeeper as a courtesy. Or you can have a family member or friend do it for you.

Do you place the ashes directly into the Ashkeeper?

Included with the Ashkeeper is a blue velvet drawstring cremation bag to place ashes or keepsakes inside. Please Note: The velvet bag must be inside the Ashkeeper when transferring ashes.

The bag is made specifically for holding ashes and is designed to be placed inside the Ashkeeper to transfer ashes into, then you just pull the strings to close the bag within the Ashkeeper.

All Ashkeepers are glazed on the interior of the main sphere and are also glazed on the underside of the lid where you can place a candle for times of remembrance. You can place ashes directly into the Ashkeeper, however most families prefer to hold the ashes inside the cremation bag within the Ashkeeper.

Do you offer a service to transfer ashes?

Occasionally I am able to transfer ashes for local clients, however due to the length of time the Ashkeepers take to create, this is not always an option. This can be discussed between the client and Ashley Fiona Ashkeepers & Ceramics.

How much do you charge for an Ashkeeper?

Please refer to the Ashkeepers/About page for an up to date list of Ashkeeper pricing.

Do you create custom and personalised designs for Ashkeepers?

Yes. Please email me ( for further information regarding personalised Ashkeepers.

Do you accept reservations for pieces?

No. I announce my Etsy shop updates on Instagram and other social media. I cannot reserve pieces. What you see in my shop is what I have available.

Do you accept wholesale orders?

No. I am currently unable to take on wholesale/consignment accounts.

Do you deliver?

I am occasionally able to make local deliveries (within the Port Stephens area), however due to the high demand of postage through the week, deliveries are not always an option. This will be discussed between the customer and Ashley Fiona Ashkeepers & Ceramics.

I travel to the post office one to two times a week, all purchases will be posted on my dedicated posting day, and will take time to process and safely package before I can post it to you. There are no guarantees on when your Ashkeeper will be delivered; if you need it ASAP please let me know before you place your order.

Do you post outside Australia?

Yes. I sell and ship my work worldwide.

Do you ship worldwide?

Ashley Fiona Ashkeepers & Ceramics carefully wraps and double boxes all Ashkeepers. When the Ashkeeper is ready to be shipped to you, I will send you a message (or Etsy will on my behalf) containing your Article ID/Tracking number so you can track your parcel. There are no guarantees on when your parcel will be delivered; if you need it ASAP please let me know before you place your order. Express post can be purchased at clients request.

Ashley Fiona Ashkeepers & Ceramics is not responsible for products damaged or lost in the mail. Extra cover/insurance is included with Ashkeeper postage fee. My pieces are packed very carefully, but in the event of an unfortunate accident and the piece arrives broken, please photograph the damage immediately and email me the images. Photographs are needed if a claim is to be placed.

As Postal services can be unpredictable, delivery delays can happen which is outside of my control. Ashley Fiona Ashkeepers & Ceramics advises you to check for delivery using the Tracking number provided via Etsy or call the Australia Post Customer Service line for further enquiries.

I don't accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations. But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

Customs and import taxes:
Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply.
Ashley Fiona Ashkeepers & Ceramics is not responsible for delays due to customs.


All items created by Ashley Fiona are carefully packaged. Ashkeepers are double boxed to ensure safe delivery to you. I reuse and recycle packaging to help our planet and keep costs down for you. I try to reuse packaging materials as much as possible and I often post out boxes that have been mailed to me. I understand it’s not as nice as receiving a super ‘pretty’ package with all the trimmings, but I also understand that this packaging will immediately or eventually find it’s way to the bin.

Care instructions

Ashley Fiona Ashkeepers & Ceramics creations are all made from porcelain, fired to approximately 1280°C. Firing to such extreme temperatures creates a material that is very strong and completely vitrified (non porous – does not absorb water).

The glazes I use are food safe and lead free.

I do not recommend putting  Ashkeepers in the microwave, oven or dishwasher.
Avoid contact with staining foods and greased hands on unglazed exterior surfaces. 
Ashkeepers are bespoke pieces and are made with patience, precision and love so please treat them with care. Click here to read more about Porcelain Care

Ashley Fiona Ashkeepers & Ceramics are handmade

As my pieces are handmade and handpainted, they contain some form of imperfection and variation (in terms of colour and size) which are in no way faulty. My creations do not have manufactured exactness. Items have been photographed under natural lighting. Please be aware that the actual colour of my pieces will vary slightly from the digital image represented on screen.


All the materials – website content, graphics, images, software and text - belong to Ashley Fiona (unless stated otherwise) and Ashley Fiona reserves all the rights of their use. Without my consent or permission, no one is allowed to redistribute or reproduce any of the material on this website.



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