Ashley Fiona’s pieces are made from porcelain, fired to approximately 1280°C. Firing to such extreme temperatures creates a material which is very strong and completely vitrified (non porous – does not absorb water, even without a glaze).

Porcelain will last forever if treated with respect and care. All pieces have been tested to ensure customers receive a quality and long-lasting creation.

How to care for your Ashley Fiona piece:

  1. Wash – by hand in warm soapy water. Most are dishwasher safe, however, I do not recommend placing Ashkeepers in the dishwasher/oven or microwave.

  2. Dust – by hand, be gentle, be careful of lids that may shift and be cautious of ornate embellishments.

  3. Heat – Most handmade wares are microwave safe. Do not expose handmade pieces for prolonged periods in microwave ovens.

  4. Cold – Most handmade wares can be stored in the refrigerator (milk jug, gravy boat etc.). Be mindful of thermal shock*.

*Thermal shock i.e. Placing a cold pot into a hot oven/microwave – this sudden change in temperature causes major stress to the ceramic body and will likely crack the piece.