My name is Ashley Fiona. I'm an artist. I live in Port Stephens, New South Wales, Australia. The objects I create are rolled, cut, cast, textured and manipulated with my own two hands. My studio is free from machinery and production lines. Each piece is handmade, by me, in every way.



I create Ashkeepers to help families and individuals celebrate those loved and lost. Intentionally spherical, created from high fired porcelain, Ashkeepers breath life into the sadness of death and encourage us to cherish positive memories forever. Once inverted, the lid of the Ashkeeper creates a special candle holder for times of remembrance. An outcome of my own personal healing, an Ashkeeper is designed to do just that.

porcelain tableware

Tableware & Jewellery

I create porcelain tableware, jewellery and festive decorations. The purpose of the tableware and jewellery is to enhance the beauty of simple life rituals – from your morning coffee to sharing a celebratory meal with family or friends. There is something very special about taking the time to pause and contemplate these small moments.


I just want to say a huge thank you. The Ashkeeper has been so obviously produced with care, attention to detail and respect for it’s ultimate use. It is absolutely stunning and I know my wife would have loved it. The time and care you’ve taken is reflected in the beautiful and flawless design.
— Matthew