Crafted by hand, Ashkeepers are a beautiful way to help cherish and nurture the memories of those loved and lost.

Each piece is designed to hold the ashes of a loved one and personal keepsakes. Once inverted, the lid of the Ashkeeper creates a special candle holder for times of remembrance.

Death and bereavement are incredibly personal experiences and no two people ever experience loss in the same way. Ultimately, my Ashkeepers are an expression of my life’s experience. I have made it my mission to create each Ashkeeper as beautiful, personal and as meaningful as possible to honour the lives of those who have passed. My wish is that I am able to help even more families uncover the gifts and wisdom these sacred pieces have to offer, with the hope that they too are able to truly honour their grief.

If you would like to join my waiting list for a personalised Ashkeeper, please send me an email to

I will upload readymade Ashkeepers to my online shop as they become available.

Pricing for personalised Ashkeepers

The Ashkeepers I create are available in the following (approximate) sizes:
Small Ashkeeper:  800ml capacity (49 cubic inches; can hold max 22kg), $1,200
Medium Ashkeeper: 2.5L capacity (152.5 cubic inches; can hold max 69kg), $1,800
Large Ashkeeper: 4.5L capacity (274 cubic inches; can hold max 124kg), $2,400


One of the most insightful concepts brought to a life of beauty by Ashley.
Keeping my mother’s ashes close by is important to me and the Ashkeeper not only looks intrinsically beautiful in its artisanal design and hand crafted nature, but when held it sits perfectly embraced in a loving and nurturing way.
A thing of beauty, of dignity, of loving care.
Part of my life every day in my home.
Thank you, Ashley, for creating a visible and ongoing life memory of beauty for my mother.
— Laurel