The tiny and vulnerable life forms of the insect kingdom inspired this series of work. The series stemmed from a children’s book I created for my major body of work in 2008 where the shoe was a key feature within the book. They evoke memories of play and ignite the imagination, a reminder of the child within all.

Made in Stone(ware)

We live in a technology driven world where traditional ways of working are constantly challenged. This collection of work marks the importance of preserving traditional skills of the craftsman. To be a craftsman is to master a skill. This is my mark in preserving the skills and knowledge of a ceramic artist/potter


The Motherline

My Honours work, The Motherline, investigates memory, mother loss and many facets of my past. The Motherline includes an expanded group of iconic and allusive elements, piecing together recollections and self-discovery. The bottle, understood as a vessel that carries innumerable emotional associations, is associated with items cast from my mothers clothing, and second-hand ‘found’ objects, each bearing its own nostalgic references and untold stories. These objects bring to light tangible evidence of my mother’s presence and evoke memories alluding to her life that live on as more than a vestige of the everyday.

Back To The Table

Grandparents are repositories of knowledge who embody our traditional skills where the dinner table is the center of the family. To preserve the skills most precious to us and bring people back to the table, I look to my grandmother for inspiration: an incredible role model with immense amounts of love, who  has an extensive collection of bone china tableware.